Descrição da Oportunidade

Código: 534  
Título da Oportunidade: IT Team Leader Coimbra  
Local: Coimbra, Coimbra
Tipo de emprego: Efetivo
Nível Académico: Ensino Profissional Completo
Turno/Horas Diurno
Oportunidade: Founded in 1999 with 100% Portuguese capital, Sysmatch has consultants with technological capabilities specially targeted in supporting the development, implementation and maintenance of our customer’s global solutions. Focused in our customer’s success and commitment to achieve mission results, we believe employees are the organization’s most valuable resource while technology promotes the capacity to work towards desired goals.
For our projects, we are currently looking for IT enthusiasts.

IT Team Leader - Coimbra
Perfil: Responsibilities:
•Support Service Delivery Management and take over the role as Technical Lead is someone who would understand and participate in all project lifecycle stages, from project specification to development, deploy and maintenance phases;
•Work alongside Solution Architects in order to analyze project requirements and propose the technical architecture;
•Produce complex technical specifications;
•Manage and mentor a medium sized development team (6 to 7 persons);
•Interact to a certain degree with internal and external customers;
•Guarantee project on-time delivery;

Desired Skills and Experience:
•Experienced in Technical Lead / Delivery Manager;
•Technical development skills in the telecommunications industry, the wireless sector in particular;
•Has ability to relate technical capacity to commercial requirements;
•Able to work at a detailed level across a broad range of technologies and approaches (Java development experience is a plus);
•Having a track record of delivery within a number of large scale IT transformation projects;
•Have experience in seeking the alignment of business and IT, delivering sustainable, agile and reusable solutions.
•Analytic capabilities to evaluate projects effort and resources allocation;
•Organization and flexibility skills to deal with several projects with varying timelines simultaneously;
•Fluent in Portuguese and English;
•Communication capabilities with clients and team leadership and coaching.
Áreas de Atuação Profissional: Informática /TI /Engenharia da Computaçao
Remuneração -   - Por Mês

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